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GoToAssist Remote Support is the choice of IT professionals demanding robust,
easy-to-use remote support. GoToAssist Remote Support’s award-winning
technology allows both on-demand sessions and the ability to connect to
unattended machines.


GoToAssist Remote Support security includes 100 percent permission-based
support and end-to-end data encryption using government-approved 128-bit
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


Start a GoToAssist Session

For a one-time on-demand support session

This session is manually started by you and once terminated cannot reconnect without you starting another support session manually.

Call me by phone and I will give you the support key to start a remote support session; please click on this link:

The first time you start a remote support session a small program, GoToAssist Customer, will install on your computer and you will have this icon on your desktop:

The next time you would like to start a remote session will be faster; just double click on the GoToAssist Customer icon and your name will be pre-filled and I will give you the support key.

The GoToAssist Customer software can be deleted from your computer; if you would like to start a new session, it will be downloaded again.

GoToAssist Customer Software

For setting up unattended computers

If you want to allow me access without you needing to be in front of your computer, the following installers will allow only me to access your computer; you have the option as to when I have access and when I do not.

I will never start a support session without your prior consent.

Windows Installer

Remote Support

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Remote Support

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